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I’m watching one of the excellent Globe Trekking episodes at the moment, this particular one is all about France. It’s making me really excited to go there next year. They were just touring some of the scenes from Van Gogh’s paintings. I’d like to check out some of those places while we’re there.

AAGGGGHHHH!!!!! THE BIRDS, THEY’RE SO ANGRY!!!!! Yep, Toys R Us have Angry Birds. So of course we had to buy some. Oh and by ‘some’, of course I mean ALL OF THEM!!!

My new graphic novel, which I kind of get the feeling is going to be spectacularly touching story. Has anyone else read this?

This week we have three of the many, many, many Simpsons figurines that we have. I’m sure this probably isn’t the last Simpsons week on my desk Of course we have Mr Burns, Michael Jackson and Dr Nick Riviera.

BOO!!! Haha I’m so funny. On the left we have Abnormal Cyrus, and on the right we have Redmund Gore.

During one of our first trips to Queensland, I spent some time playing with letters. This was during my Tafe course, I was learning about typography and thought I was pretty creative I was trying to see what sort of shapes or patterns I could make with the forms of the letters. They have since [...]

I use to read a lot when I was young, not so much anymore. It’s one thing that keeps bugging me. I’d like to be one of those people that reads things (I know they exist, I’ve heard people tell stories of them). On a related topic, so you know how Borders and Angus & [...]

Very short week this week, starting on a Wednesday and all. Three days and then back to the weekend Gotta love that. This week we have a shuttle from the Starship Enterprise, a Klingon Bird of Prey and a Borg Cube. How nerdy can we get?

This week we have the Spideys. Spiderman, Black Spiderman and Venom. 3 of my favourite Mighty Muggs.